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It appears Israel wanted to preserve this important element of Surinamese Jewish life.

There is still a Synagogue in Suriname, next to an Islamic mosque.

The black man who speeches is former President Ronald Venetiaan.

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Although the “war” never occurred it did trigger a mass immigration to the Netherlands.In The Netherlands you will find the Black Surinamese community in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Almere and the Hindu community in The Hague. To end, some videos about Suriname and about Surinamese culture.Journey from the Netherlands to Suriname This video is a journey from the Dutch Airport schiphol to the Surinam Airport Sanderij. Waka" - Walk, that's why they used to call Sranan Tongo, Negro English.The Surinam population in Surinam and in the Netherlands (about 700.000) consists of the following groups.• Amerindians, the original inhabitants of Suriname • The Surinamese Creoles or black community , the mixed descendants of West African slaves and Europeans (mostly Dutch) and other ethic groups in Suriname.

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