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Finally, rules can be used to address power imbalances. Thomas’s study felt they had little recourse for dealing with the often hostile barrage of solicitations for pictures.One study participant wrote: Shifting the norms about soliciting images could helpfully shift the balance of power.Teenagers who are asking, much less harassing, peers for sexts almost certainly realize that they are crossing a line.But if that line is never stressed or enforced by adults, they are far less likely to heed it.Sara Thomas, the author of the new study and a doctoral student at the School of Education and Social Policy at Northwestern, noted that simply telling girls not to send photographs “ignores the complicated tensions they are negotiating on a regular basis.” If we really don’t want teenagers to send sexualized photos, we should set limits on the most likely trigger for sexting: requests.

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Most schools and many parents already tell teenagers not to send sexualized selfies.

The relationship might change, or that person could simply lose track of their phone.

It’s just not worth the risk.” To that we should add, “And it’s not O. to request naked pictures because then you are putting someone else in a terrible position.

But why don’t we also tell adolescents to stop asking for nude photos from one another? We advise adolescents not to share naked pictures because we worry that minors may not recognize the full scope of the potential personal, and possibly legal, consequences of creating and distributing sexually explicit content.

It is of course true that simply declaring a new behavioral code will not erase a problem. But when we say next to nothing against the practice of soliciting sexts, we miss the opportunity to help teenagers see why that might also be a bad idea.

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