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And up to now it hasn't said that the OS can be updated..I expected that browsing would be smooth and fast, because the phone can accept up to 4G network; unfortunately, I am not getting that result.

English isn't my mother tongue: corrections are highly appreciated!

It's ridiculous because I had to pay a lot to get this device.

but when I put my sim card on my modem, I am able to browse.

I bought a blu neo plus about a month ago and it has limited memory space and I bought a SD memory card of 8gb and it is still saying insufficient storage.

sorry guys i must have the only blu studio 5.5c that works like a dream i got it in 2015 and never had a minute of trouble with, the battery life is great i charge once a week for a full charge or just use the car charger when ever i remember to do so i have to say for the money i found it well worth it im in the military so it gets a lot of abuse and its never let me down i will be upgrading to the newest blu phone when im back in the states for a visit ...blu great phone.....

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