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With the help of a Shinto priest he meets on the subway, Max tries to unravel the secrets of the diary in order to trade them for his freedom. The Atlanta “Ring,” a powerful group of white Atlanta businessmen responsible for Canby’s exile, are concerned that news of the murders will keep visitors away from Atlanta, just as the International Cotton Exposition celebrating the city’s revival after Reconstruction, is about to open.

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Engaged to Georgiana Sutton, a sugar plantation heiress from Port of Spain, Trinidad, Holmes is saving his wages in anticipation of their marriage in 18 months.He raises the brother and sister as his own, soon realizing that being part of the violent death of their parents has influenced their personalities: Eric grows up to be wild and vicious, Eden intuitive and dangerous.Hoping to prevent them from arrest for their increasingly violent acts, Hades enrolls them in online courses in forensic investigation, ballistics, sociology, and psychology, enabling them to become police homicide detectives.Holmes promises to check with his contacts at work, and asks Georgiana if she has received messages from home about the dead children.Georgiana is horrified by the news and determines to set off immediately for Trinidad.

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