According to carbon 14 dating how old is the iceman

The discovery was overwhelming to the scientific world and the people in the world, there were many theories and speculations to what might have happened to ice man in the last few moments of his life, theories on how old he was and who he was.From the time of discovery to the time of examination, a lot had happened to Otzi’s equipment, many people who had tried to rescue Otzi out of his icy grave, had just grabbed any nearby objects and dug at the ice, this caused a few of the artifacts to break, his 1.8 m long bow was broken, and the frame of his backpack was used as a stick and was also broken.There was further examination to the belongings of Otzi; the Italians had found that Otzi had 14 full length arrows, in which one was broken in half.Half of the arrow was found 4m away from the other 13 arrows, which therefore suggested that Otzi might have moved from where he originally died.Scientists reacted very quickly to this, they couldn’t let this happen to something that important, and so they put him into a freezer to freeze the fungus from spreading and to kill the fungus.The first question to be answered was how old was this man, the first guess from anyone, was that he might have been a hiker who got lost around 6 months ago and died in the ice, then the ages started to go older, some suggested he was 500 years old, then 3000 years old, it wasn’t until people found the artifacts that they realized this frozen, mummified corpse was around 5000 years old.

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The flashes, combined with exposure to air, had caused a type of fungus to start growing on Otzi’s skin.

Many people had talked about who Otzi truly ‘belonged’ to, the Italians, the Austrians, or the Scientific World?

In September 1998, when Otzi was back in Italy, Peter Vanezies had reopened the case, he wanted to examine the Iceman, and furthermore, find out more about this strange mysterious man who died alone in the Alps.

His equipment also would have enabled him to survive for a few months in these harsh weathers.

His axe would have enabled him to defend himself from wild animals or other hunters.

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