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For additional presentation materials and resources: Ready Set Present and for a Free listing as a Trainer, Consultant, Speaker, Vendor/Organisation: Training Consortium CEO, A. Schwartz & Associates, Boston, MA., a comprehensive organisation which offers over 40 skills based management training programs. Schwartz conducts over 150 programs annually for clients in industry, research, technology, government, Fortune 100/500 companies, and nonprofit organisations worldwide.

He is often found at conferences as a key note presenter and/or facilitator.

Use this approach when you would get hurt by staying or when you want to change the ground rules.

It is useful when issues are trivial and is helpful when the other side has much greater power.

To ensure that the courses you attend are of the highest quality, offering the best professional tuition possible, all our Open Courses are evaluated and accredited.

This accredited course is suitable for corporate and public sector Continuing Professional Development Plans and Portfolios.

This is why they are classified as "accommodating IOLs." Accommodation is made possible by the lens inside the eye and the circular muscle that surrounds the lens, called the ciliary muscle.

Using this approach can also increase the other parties resistance to negotiation.

When the ciliary muscle is relaxed, the lens flattens to enable clear distance vision.

When the ciliary muscle contracts, the lens thickens, becoming more curved for added magnification for clear near vision.

It is a dont rock the boat philosophy used when there is a need to concede on small points in order to gain on major points later.

It is helpful when the other side is right and you should give in, or when preservation of the relationship is more important than negotiation.

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    Today some merchants convert old and rare lenses into Leica mount.

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