Accomidating slow learner milfdatingworld com

Remember: you’re setting a goal that is achievable for you and your student that will positively affect his/her reading. Encourage them to use a dictionary, spell-check or text-prediction software.What the goal really does is allow them to see that they’re capable of reaching a goal, that they can be successful. Even if your children can’t spell, they still have thoughts and creativity that they need to express. Have your children start their very own personal word dictionary as a tool to use when they write. Look into what technology or other strategies there might be to help your child become more successful.Just because your child has a word decoding weakness or messy handwriting or poor spelling doesn’t mean you can’t push him or her to achieve their best through a variety of venues.

The moral: kids (and adults) should try things they’re not great at, and it is helpful to see role models working on things that don’t come easily to them. A struggling reader may only be able to read short, short books with scant interest or depth, which offer little motivation to continue to work on reading.

Maybe she has great listening skills or is an incredible athlete and team player.

Be sure to notice those talents and tell them you see them excelling at something.

Admitting that you also have things you wrestle with can provide support and help your struggling reader understand that people have different strengths and weaknesses.

An anecdote I often share with my frustrated readers is how I have always had terrible hand-to-eye coordination.

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