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Previous studies have suggested that the Kyrenia Range is of relatively recent origin (Ducloz 1972; Baroz 1979) but the detailed timing and processes involved remained elusive.The new data show that the Kyrenia Range was uplifted contemporaneously with the Troodos Massif in southern Cyprus.By Boosting a model, you can help raise their Power Score and it's completely free!New evidence for the uplift is presented here in relation to adjacent areas and alternative interpretations are discussed in their regional context.Created by a passionate group of surfers/weather geeks known as the Coastalwatch forecast team.Their focus, is providing you with the best tools to score great waves all year round, because let’s be honest - they don’t mind a few waves themselves.

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The likely cause of the uplift of the Troodos Massif was the collision of the Eratosthenes Seamount, a large crustal edifice, with the Cyprus active margin, related to a northward-dipping subduction zone.Referring to it, Kumar said, the company launched digi SIP on its website which SIPs can be set up via the digital mode in seven days significantly reducing the lead time by 30 days.Distributors can set up 'digi SIP' in just four steps for their clients while existing investors can use pre-filled date and complete the SIPs in just a "few clicks", he said.CHENNAI: Increase in investor awareness and confidence in mutual funds have contributed to a 92 per cent rise in registrations of new Systematic Investment Plan in the last financial year, a top official of CAMS Asset Management Services said.A Systematic Investment Plan allows customers to invest in mutual funds, creating wealth over a long period of time.

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