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When you buy Conversation Escalation, you’ll discover Bobby’s best tips and techniques for having amazing conversations with the women you meet.

The program is based on his years of experience interacting with women, and through these years of trial and error, experimentation and tweaking his methods to perfection, he was finally able to put it all together in the form of Conversation Escalation: Make Small Talk Sexy.

== Wondering if Conversation Escalation is the right choice for you?

Continue reading this Conversation Escalation review and at the end I’ll help you decide whether or not this program is a good fit for your current situation…

Part 1 – Keys to Attractive Conversations: In this first main audio lesson, Bobby reveals exactly what it is that makes a conversation good, and also what separates the smooth talkers from the guys who just bore women.

However, he talks about the best way to go about doing this.

Part 7 – Practice and Implementation: In these final 2 lessons of this training program, Bobby focuses on a very key aspect of improving your conversation skills with women, which is practice and implementation.

Some guys will receive coaching or study pick up advice for years and years, and continue to struggle with women.

Part 6 – Putting it Together: This lesson talks about, as the title says, putting it all together.

So this means everything that happens after the opener, to escalating your conversations, and finally to closing the deal with women (getting them back to your place/starting a relationship).

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