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Princess Meri spent two years asking Microsoft to stop billing her. Scott wanted to stop his son from buying MS points indiscriminately – couldn’t do it.Buckle gives out a lot of cards through comenity bank as well so the shopping cart trick should work good for that one.Those are going to be the easiest comenity cards to get.I created a free guide showing how I took my score from absolute trash (mid 400s) to where it is now (over 750). The truth is that this method works if you want to get a card but have bad credit, and I’m a living testament to that. Make sure to post your results in the comments and share any other tricks you might have with the soft pull method.In fact, by using the methods laid out in the guide, most people are able to To summarize, the shopping cart trick is a great way to get a credit card without actually having a hard pull on your report.

They no longer blacklist your card and you can add it back later if you change your mind.

I had a score in the 400s until I found the Horizon Gold Card that preapproved me quickly and offered me a 0 credit limit.

Before this card, I wasn’t able to get any card whatsoever.

Of course once I got this card and started building my credit, I was getting offers left and right! This card is another guaranteed approval that offers a 00 limit!

I suggest picking up the Horizon Gold card and this one as well.

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